IARU Region 1 Conference 2002 suggested the following frequencies as QRS frequencies
you are free to practice tuning into those frequencies

3.560 - 3.570 MHz
14.055 - 14.060 MHz
21.065 - 21.070 MHz
28.050 - 28.060 MHz


IARU Region 1 Conference 2002

San Marino 10 - 15 November

SUBJECT : QRS frequencies for CW


Committee C4.9

The mandatory knowledge of CW for newly licensed Radio amateurs has either been dropped or the speed requirements has been reduced to 5 wpm. This could lead to a marginality of CW mode in the future.

We feel that CW should remain important.

CW is one of the multiple modes of communication of the radio amateur, that still has its own outstanding merits (copying extremely weak signals, communicating with technically very simple equipment, low power communication etc.). CW does give the operator a sense of satisfaction that can not be equaled by operating in any other mode. If CW were to disappear this would no doubt lead to pauperism in general, in spite of multiple new numerical modes.

Therefore we should use all means to conserve and promote the art of CW and find a way to stimulate young radio amateurs to learn and especially to enjoy CW. We should continue teaching CW on the air. We should continue the development of CW training programs. We should continue to organize CW contests. But we could do more...

Imagine you are a newly licensed radio amateur who has can just about cope with a 5 wpm CW speed. It will be very difficult for him to start making QSOs. At that speed he will hardly work any DX. And it will be literally impossible to join any kind of CW contest.

Therefore we propose to define, on several of our bands, a QRS segment, comparable to the novice segment existing in Region 2.


The segments 3.560-3.570, 14.055-14.060, 21.065-21.070 and 28.050-28.060 should be defined as CW QRS segments, where radio amateurs who want to develop their CW could meet one another.